Antibiotics in Dentistry

How antibiotics are used in dentistry? Oral Surgery Extractions Studies show that antibiotic treatment in association with having impacted third molars removed has concluded that there are several benefits: Patients experience lower incidence of post-surgical infections Decrease likelihood of developing ‘dry socket’ Less pain Less...

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Mouth Guards in Sports

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, a young athlete is 60x more likely to sustain damage to the mouth and teeth when not wearing an athletic mouth guard. In the book Text and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, the authors list 8 functions of a mouth guard

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Endodontic Specialist

Endodontists are dentists who perform root canal treatment to save teeth. Approximately 85% of all root canal treatments are referred from general dentists. Recent advancements in endodontics including instruments, materials, and technology have resulted in more retention of teeth than were deemed untreatable in the past.

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Fabrication of Sport Guards

Prosthodontists recommend using custom-made dental sport guards to protect the teeth and jaws from trauma during sport activity. A sport mouth guard is an appliance that protects your teeth from being damaged from a physical blow to the face or an accident. A sport mouth guard is usually made with a thicker material and given its purpose it is made to extend to cover the entire jaw, even the gum so that the entire mouth can be...

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Sports Injuries in Youth

Sports for youth have become far more competitive than they were in the past. Daniel Gould, PhD director of the Institute for the Study of Sports at Michigan State University states “What we’re seeing is the professionalization of youth sports”. What he means is that youth sports have taken on a more professional organizational style and competitive edge.

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Sports and Dental Injuries in Children

Currently, the three sports that carry the most risks for dental injury include football, basketball, and hockey. A positive correlation can be made between the degree of contact and percentage of injury. Some of the most common injuries include fractures, tooth extrusion, intrusion and avulsion; and TMJ dislocation.

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